Marketing to HCPs

Marketing to HCPs

Successful marketing to health care providers means building trust, being available, and using multichannel marketing methods to keep information accessible.

Building Relationships

Our medical call center allows us to bridge the gap between your pharmaceutical company and health care professionals

We make sure HCPs are getting a positive brand experience by:

  • Giving them easy access to drug information including pamphlets and our drug info hotline.
  • Making sure phone calls are answered quickly and HCPs are not getting stuck on hold.
  • Providing the highest quality customer care with our knowledgeable, empathetic staff.
  • Taking the burden off of the HCP by performing administrative duties.
  • Being available after office hours.
  • Surveying HCPs in order to continually improve the client experience.
Direction; Blitz helps pharmaceutical companies reach health care professionals

Marketing through Education

Professionals in the health care industry are constantly in pursuit of information, whether they are educating themselves, their staff, or their patients.

Multichannel Marketing

Blitz helps pharmaceutical companies reach health care professionals through their prefered method. We provide support over the phone with our medical call center, digitally through apps and e-mails, or in-person by supporting your field reps.


Marketing by Internet

We use state of the art technology and CATI software to collect and analyze data and disseminate messages so your target market of HCPs is reached and a strong ROI is achieved. We send the right e-mails at the right time to the right HCPs to save you costs and maximize sales.

Marketing by Phone

Our personal touch is our caring staff at our medical call center. Even with the rise and importance of digital content, the value of a human connection is unparalleled. We reach out to your target market to help shape their perspective of your brand.

Accessible Marketing Tools

Blitz makes it easy for health care professionals to access your pharmaceutical company’s drug information.

We offer marketing tools including

- Drug Information Hotline
- 24/7 Live Nurse Line
- Tele-Detailing
- Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Programs
- Sample Requests
- Pharmaceutical Sample Distribution
- Pharmaceutical Literature Requests
- Market Intelligence Gathering
- Vacant Territory Coverage

Let Blitz Market to HCPs

At Blitz, reaching your target market of health care professionals is our passion. We know how to build valuable relationships with health care professionals by being reliable and attentive. We create a positive brand experience that keeps HCPs coming back.

Direction; Blitz helps pharmaceutical companies reach health care professionals