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Blitz Research was incorporated in 1996, in Raleigh, North Carolina with just 30 employees and has grown to more than 200. Originally Blitz provided phone recruitment for healthcare communication companies by scheduling physicians into teleconferences.

In 1998, Blitz opened a second office in Wilmington, North Carolina where eventually in 2000 all operations were combined. Blitz consists of only full-time employees many of whom have enjoyed long tenures. We are a privately owned, single owner company, that provides a family atmosphere.

Blitz has been able to grow in size, volume, service, offerings, and most importantly, a great reputation for us and our clients through hard work, dedication, innovation and a strong will to be the best at delivering our clients' needs. We have educated over 550,000 HealthCare Professionals and conducted more than 47,000 independent meetings. We reach more than 200,000 HealthCare Professionals each month!

Blitz employees enjoy a profit sharing program so you can be assured that everyone works together and with our clients to create the ultimate client satisfaction.

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